Virtuoso Family of Fully Digital Language Lab Solutions

Virtuoso Software is the teacher's interface in the Virtuoso/Soloist Language Learning System. The classroom layout and student positions are graphically represented. Intuitive on screen controls provide a smooth work flow enabling class time to be most productive for teachers and students.

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Soloist Digital Recorder

Sony Soloist Digital PC Comparative Recorder Software is a full featured media player and digital comparative recorder designed with tools to enrich speaking and listening skills. Students listen to an audio passage, speak and record their voice simultaneously. With Soloist software, the original audio and student recording are saved to a single, standard format, audio file. Students can review both tracks simultaneously to compare their speaking to the original pro- gram material and change or correct to build their skills.

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Soloist Brevi Digital Recorder

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Concurrent Controller

The Concurrent Controller License Management software is used to automatically control the licenses for "unregistered" copies of the Soloist Digital PC Comparative Recorder software. This allows you to install Soloist on as many PCs in your network as you want, while the Concurrent Controller enables full functionality of Soloist up to the number of concurrent licenses purchased.

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SANSPACE, A Virtual Learning Environment

SANSSpace virtual language learning platform offers tools for language teachers to develop, manage, and seamlessly deliver rich multimedia course content and allows students to access it anytime, anywhere, using a variety of devices including PCs, tablets, Chromebook notebook computers and more. Integrated into your curriculum, this managed environment offers students more collaboration and student-centered learning.


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NEW! SANSSpace LIVE gives teachers the ability to hold anytime, anywhere interactive language lab sessions. Students gain more opportunity to develop communication skills with work on listening and speaking practice, individually or in pairs, all in a teacher guided setting.

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SANS Headsets

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