A.A. Bratton

Our founder

  Robert A. Bratton   President 1946 - 1974

1907 to Today

In 1907 our founder A.A. Bratton opened our doors in Columbus, Ohio as a business dictating machine dealer representing Thomas Edison. In 1926 he installed the worlds first foreign language laboratory using the Ediphone, wax cylinder recorder to create an acoustic audio language lab.

Post World War II, Magnetic Recording Industries designed and manufactured the first line of equipment specifically designed for foreign language education. Bratton Corporation was MRI's first dealer.

In the 1950's we installed the world's first high school language lab at University High School in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1972 Sony Corporation brought their line of language laboratory equipment to America. We signed on to represent Sony and are their oldest dealer.

Today, Bratton Corporation specializes in the Design, Installation and Servicing of educational systems including Language Laboratories, Computer Classrooms, Media Retrieval Systems, Distance Learning Systems and Video File Servers. As an education system integrator we provide product demonstration, systems engineering, installation, warranty and contract service. Through our expertise, customers design their own systems. Leasing and grant funding information available.

A. A. Bratton and Thomas A. Edison

The youngster standing behind Mr. Edison is Harry Bratton, son of our founder A.A. Bratton who stands behind him. The picture was taken on the 40th anniversary of the phonograph.

A picture from our past